During my nine years as a designer I have had the pleasure to be apart of many projects and design for a range of mediums. These samples are some of my favorites.
Emergency Care catolog 07 icon
Emergency Care Catolog 08 icon
Emergency Care national account icon
Flu postcards icon
Saftey+Health Cover icon
DDC Catolog icon
Complaince Mailer icon
place holder
ASHRM 2012 Annual Conferance Mobile Application
ASHRM 2011 Annual Conferance Mobile Application
ASHRM Annual Conferance & Exhibite 2012
ASHRM Annual Conferance & Exhibite 2011
ASHRM eblast Redesign
TransUnion: Batch Fullment
Uniquely Dodie's Website
KeelRite HTML E-Mail
Audrie's website
Jennifer Walters Website
Guinness Quiz
Guinness eCard
Know Your Super Hero Matching Game
Stonehenge Slide Show