These recommendations are from people that I have worked with over the years. The quotes are pulled from my linkedin account.
Multi-Media Specialist, ASHRM
“I collaborate closely with Shaun on a variety of marketing projects, and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is professional, extremely patient, creative and always willing to lend a helping hand when technical needs arise. Shaun is well-versed in both print and digital media, which makes him a valuable asset to any organization.” November 12, 2013
Heather Venkatesh, Marketing and Member Relations Specialist, ASHRM

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
“I have hired Shaun for numerous projects and have always had great results.
He has done everything from business cards to t-shirts for me and my colleagues and has been personable, always on deadline, and extremely flexible with making changes. Recently, I have hired Shaun to design a Web site for my freelance business. He took my idea and created a professional-looking, clean Web site that I am proud to send my clients to. I would and will continue to recommend Shaun's work.” March 23, 2010
Audrie Bretl Roelf, Senior Editor at Joint Commission Resources

Pro Bono Sr. Graphic Designer
“Shaun has a creative mind and a key skill of listening. He collaborated with a fundraising committee for Catholic Charities on their design process. Shaun was impeccable with keeping the same feel of the event and yet putting a fresh new look on the design. He was prompt with deadlines making us able to mail on-time…a big key to fundraising.” February 9, 2010
Elizabeth Atchason, Event Coordinator, Catholic Charities of Chicago

Freelance Graphic Designer
“Shaun worked on several collateral development pieces for Sealy Global Hospitality. He was detailed oriented and kept all of the various projects he was working on organized. He raised red flags when something didn't seem correct and was always energetic and great to work with.” April 29, 2009
Alison Garard, Account Coordinator, MarketSense

Senior Graphic Designer
“Shaun was one of the most unique people that I have worked with. I had the opportunity to work with him on many catalogs and direct mail pieces at our job together. Whatever we brainstormed, Shaun always came back with bigger and better ideas even off of the little ideas we came up with. Shaun's designs helped bring out my better copy and I always looked forward to working with him on any project.” December 14, 2010
Amy Fabbiano, Project Leader/Copywriter, National Safety Council

“Shaun O’Brien is one of the few designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with who will hand-sketch a design before bringing it to life. While freelancing as a copywriter at National Safety Council, Shaun and I teamed up to create a consistent brand “look” for several product line sell sheets as well as direct mailers, training catalogs and trade show signage. His keen awareness for detail - from image selection/paper folds to copy placement - made each project an original. And, even though we worked in a fast-paced, deadline-driven agency environment, Shaun’s focus played a vital role during proofing stages. No matter the assignment, he welcomed and oftentimes sought input for “final touches” before submitting a PDF to our internal clients. That in itself is a rarity within the design world!” June 10, 2009
Michelle Blake, Freelance Copywriter, National Safety Council

“Shaun is a dedicated, passionate designer and has won several design awards for his projects. Shaun continues to further his education and knowledge of design and is an asset to any team.” May 18, 2009
Donna Fredenhagen, Product Line Manager, National Safety Counncil

“During my time at NSC, Shaun was very helpful in helping us generate internal graphics to help get the message of transition across. Shaun is a delight to work with, very creative and imaginative, with an ability to turn things quickly.” May 11, 2009
Kevin Reilly, Executive Director of IS, National Safety Council

“Shaun was a fun and talented designer to work with. He often took creative license to challenge the "ordinary." He is a master at Photoshop and enjoys a challenge to utilize his skills. I could count on him to help me out when our workload was at it's highest and deadlines were tight.” April 30, 2009
Pam Byers, Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer, National Safety Council

“Shaun did great work as a Graphic Designer. He was professional at all times,
was very creative and a pleasure to work with.” April 14, 2009
Terry Miller, Manager, Employee Perception Surveys, National Safety Council

“Shaun is a very hard-working and capable Senior Graphic designer with a
wealth of creative ideas that were fresh yet effective while working with him
at the National Safety Council.” October 16, 2008
Simi Wakawa, Marketing Research Coordinator, National Safety Council

“At NSC, Shaun displayed a great passion for creativity, a strong eye for visual graphics, and a strong work ethic. I'd highly recommend him for his great work
and his passion for creating great direct mail and advertising.” October 10, 2008
Rich Placko, Database Marketing Manager, the National Safety Council

“I have had the pleasure to work with Shaun for almost a year across several different projects. Shaun is a fantastic designer with a great creativity. He is a highly talented individual with the kind of business sense rarely found in people with artistic talents. His passion and commitment to his work are unmatched,
and he is easy to work with.” October 10, 2008
Gabriel Ochoa, Graphic Designer, Illinois State Medical Society

Desktop Publisher OfficeMax
“I hired Shaun at the OfficeMax store in Bolingbrook, IL in 2004. During the interview he struck me as a very well balanced creative person, with a great sense of control and calm tone to his personality. He definitely fulfilled my expectations and far exceeded them when he was our lead desktop publisher in our print and document services area. Shaun also continuously stepped outside of his role and volunteered to fit other duties within the store as well. He had an exceptional ability to understand the customers' needs and translate customers' thoughts and ideas into something actual that was even unimaginable to the customer themselves in their mind. The print and documents area (now called ImPress within OfficeMax) was one area in the store, where an associate's creativity and imagination was a necessity and it had to be used with every project that was at hand. Shaun was a perfect fit for the area. His software skills are exceptional, his work ethic is second to none, he is punctual, respectful and supportive. He was part of a dynamic team that produced results -- within two months of Shaun and his department lead being at our new store in Bollingbrook, they brought our store to the top 3 in the overall 15+ stores in our district. They reached out to the community by canvassing, working with the Bollingbrook Chamber of Commerce and developing long term relationships with our customers. That is something that a typical large retailer does not do on a one-on-one basis. Shaun understood that need in order to build the business for our store. Combined with his great attitude, he was a perfect fit for OfficeMax. If I were to open my own business, where I needed a graphics designer to work for me, Shaun would be the first person I would call.” April 14, 2009
Reggie Jonaitis, Assistant Store Manager - Retail Stores, OfficeMax